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The heading is taken from a fake quiz in one of the David Lettermans shows. For anyone who need amusement at this point, see the episode here.

It turns out we aren’t more than monkeys, defending our territories, positions and power. It turns out it was the loudest male primate that won this time again, thanks to his fellow primates who all wanted to keep their privileges – to get the most bananas, to have the most females, to make the loudest noice.

Well, we’ll see what will come out of this – perhaps it is all a fake, just like the Letterman quiz? The thing is, this is not just an isolated American issue, it is a tendency in all of the western world.

The two most prominent and well-known researchers of primates are Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall. Both these women had the strategy to use calm and patience to get close to their informants. There is a famous story when Fossey encountered a furious male gorilla. His roar and drumming on the chest did not scare her away, she stayed. When the gorilla came close enough, she only said ”Boh!”. This was so unexpected for the gorilla that he halted, went silent and returned into the forest.

I think what we need now is the same calm and patience that Fossey and Goodall had, and while we wait we will figure out a way to make these hordes of gorillas we see today stop, become silent and leave again.

I will not be idle, but while waiting and contemplating I will let text and music like this one inspire me:

”Colour blinds the eye.
Music deafens the ear.
Flavour numbs the taste.
Fame weakens the reason.
Desire withers the heart.
The wise soul watches the world.
But trusts her inner compass.
Her heart seeks true beauty.”

Text based on the Tao Te Ching by Laozi (6th century BC), music by Alexander Campkin.

Daniel Stighäll är konstnärlig doktorand i musik vid Luleå Tekniska Universitet med arbetsplats på Brewhouse. Varje månad står Daniel för en betraktelse kring musik och konst i relation till omvärlden.


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