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Music Innovation

We are looking for the song that will crown Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary! Music Innovation is the category where songwriters compete for the honourable mission of creating the soundtrack for Gothenburg’s big anniversary in 2021. Modern or classic? You decide.


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Important dates and jury work

– Jury work November 13 – December 4

– On December 17, this year’s finalists will be presented in a press release as well as on the website and the social media channels

– On December 17, a public vote will open where all citizens can go in, listen and vote for their favourite song among the finalists until January 12 at

– January 13, 2020, is the final day at the Brewhouse Arena as the finalists present themselves to the jury that will listen to all the finalist contributions and votes. The people’s voice and the jury will determine the winner together.

– On January 31, 2020, The Brewhouse Awards is a gala evening at the Brewhouse Arena where the winner is selected and various special prizes are awarded.



The song we are asking for will create a feeling of the Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary, a song that has a text and melody with a nice feeling of Gothenburg. In its final form, the grant will be a song that we all “want to sing and play” during the anniversary year. The song will be used in the jubilee’s various productions as a soundtrack and will create a soundscape that we will remember long after the anniversary year.

– The song should contain verses and chorus with a high recognition value.

– The grant must be delivered as mp3 (no larger than 10 MBs).

– All contestants will also be able to answer a few questions about who they are, how their thoughts have been around the song and its creation as well as providing a photo. This will be published in our various communication channels if the grant is selected to go on to the final.

– It is alright to submit multiple contributions provided that only one song is submitted with every contest form.

– To compete, the song may not be published or available on YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify or similar streaming services.



– The Anniversary Organization/Gothenburg & Co shall be able to freely use the song and reserve the right to interpret and arrange the grant if necessary.

– The Anniversary Organization/Gothenburg & Co shall be granted a first release right by the songwriter.

– The Anniversary Organization/Gothenburg & Co shall pay for the recording of the song and shall thus own the master itself.

– The author owns the underlying copyright to the song and shall thus have the right to receive compensation for public performances and other types of requests through STIM and NCB.

– The right of ownership of the master is regulated between The Anniversary Organization/Gothenburg & Co and the producer, and the right of ownership of the artist’s performance is regulated in an agreement with the master.



– The winner receives a prize in the amount of SEK 20,000 which is invoiced or converted to salary.

– The prize includes The Anniversary Organization/Gothenburg & Co paying for the recording in a professional studio of the profit contribution. A suitable first interpretation of the song for the purpose.

– The winner shall also receive business coaching, a mentor, a place in one of the Brewhouse Incubator’s growth programs and office space in the Brewhouse coworking office for six months.


For questions, email or call 031-83 41 00.