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16. Number of men
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• The main goal of the competition is to create a unique product with an artistic height that strengthens Gothenburg as a city of form and design

• The winning product/design will be a symbol and a memory for Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary and will make a lasting impression for the future.

• Gothenburg’s anniversary product must be developed on the basis of both economic, ecological, and social sustainability.

• Each competitor is expected to send a budget for the production of the anniversary product that is in line with the other criteria and conditions for the competition.

• The winner must have the capacity to produce and produce their product to be ready by 1 May 2021 in at least 400 copies. Winners need an F-tax slip to be able to sell the products. The final pricing of the product is set in consultation with Gothenburg & Co and Brewhouse.

• Gothenburg’s anniversary product must be produced uniquely for the anniversary and in a limited edition; and “Special Edition”. The winner must be able to produce at least 400 copies of the product and the number must be specified in the submission material.

• When the selection of the final 10 entries is complete, then the public owns 50% of the votes and The Brewhouse Awards jury 50% of the votes to nominate the three winners.

• Göteborg & Co has the right to have 10 number of reference copies at its disposal.

• Göteborg & Co has the right to purchase a number of copies for the purchase price in order to be able to give away to special guests during the anniversary year.


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